I am always interested in outstanding undergraduate/graduate students who wish to pursue studies in RF/analog/mixed-signal integrated circuits. Please contact me regarding open positions.

Eric Swindlehurst (Ph.D.)
Yixin Song (Ph.D.)
Nate Whitehead (M.S.)
Danilo Bustamante (M.S.)
Khalil Gammoh (M.S.)
Andrew Monk (M.S.)
Alex Petrie (M.S.)
Clint Carlson (B.S.)

Former students, first job:
Andres Galan (M.S., 2017), Analog Design Engineer, Intel
Matt Padilla (B.S., 2016), M.S. student, Stanford University
Devon Janke, (B.S., 2015), Ph.D. student, Georgia Institute of Technology
Sean Jensen (B.S., 2015)
Sam Graham (B.S., 2015)